Plastic Tubing Cutting Capabilites

Polymer and Fluoropolymer Tubing Cutting;

Cut Polyimide Tubing
Tube and Wire Cutting regularly works with Tygon® tubing, silicone tubing, PEEK Tubing, Polyimide Tubing, PTFE and FEP Shrink tubing, Polyolefin Shrink tubing, Nylon tubing and various other plastic tubing products to specific lengths based on our customer's specifications. Applications include everything from catheter cuffs to straws for children's "Sippy Cups". We invite you to visit our Component Supply Company website at to price or purchase standard lengths of many of the plastic tubing products we carry. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and lead times.

Polyurethane tubing
PTFE tubing
Polyimide Tubing