Cut To Length!

Precision cutting hypodermic Tubing and Wire while holing tight tolerances;

Hypodermic tubing cut pieces

Precision Cutting Building on a 50 year tradition of excellence, Component Supply Company's custom cutting operation is a continuation of Dr. William P. Murphy's Small Parts business in Miami Florida. Due to the highly technical and application specific nature of the "Custom" parts business, the original Small Parts management team was given the opportunity to continue the custom cutting activities after the sale of its retail business.

Working principally with the medical device, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries we have accumulated a vast amount of experience in cutting stainless steel hypodermic tubing and precision small diameter straightened wires. We regularly cut lengths as small as .120" ( 3mm ) long, with standard tolerances of +/-.005" and tighter. Material diameters typically range from 0.005" to.375", which includes the world of precision straightened wires, and all of the standard hypodermic tubing gauges. 300 Series stainless steel is far and away the primary material we supply, but we routinely work with Nitinol, Brass, Aluminum, Spring steel, and many high performance plastics like Polyimide, PEEK, PTFE and FEP shrink tubing.

Because our processes are highly customizable, we are in a position to supply small quantities as well a large production runs. Unless otherwise specified, all metal parts are quoted de-burred and ultra-sonically cleaned, and can be custom packaged into quantities that match product or floor release requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project, and to put our years of experience in the small and micro tubing and wire business to work for you.