What is Capillary Tubing

There are many uses today for capillarity tubing, mostly within the analytical, medical, aerospace, military and telecommunication industries. While there are a number of different uses for such a product, there are only a handful of companies that have the technology to create it. We are one of those companies. Through our state of the art manufacturing process, we can create tubing as small as .0003” in diameter. We work on confidential projects and we will never compromise the names or the designs of our clients

We manufacture tubing directly to your specifications. From glass and stainless steel to alloy and hypodermic tubing, our process creates a square cut and the deburring process removes any trace of burrs from the inside or outside of the tube. Capillary tubing is a narrow tube that uses capillary action to pull the liquid through it. We can create the exact type of tube you need, including square tubes and silicone tubing.

What Alloys Are Used to Create Capillary Tubing

There are a number of different alloys and other materials that may be used. These include stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, glass, and silicone, just to name a few. We understand the intricacies involved when you need a specific type of tubing. We specialize not only in the creation of the tubing, but we can also help you decide which material will best suit your needs.

There are also other materials available for specific projects. Whether you need medical tubing, plastic tubing, clear plastic tubing, rubber tubing, or flexible tubing, we will manufacture each set of tubing to your specifications. We understand the need for a DFARs certificate for those companies with military applications.

When Alloy Capillary Tubing is Better than Plastic

If the tubing will be exposed to high temperatures or used in a corrosive environment, alloy tubing is recommended. Besides the obvious problem of plastic tubing melting at high temperatures, there could also be contaminants introduced inside as corrosion or chemicals begin to eat through the plastic. It’s best to use alloy tubing instead of plastic to ensure there is no chance of tubing failure.

Tube and Wire Cutting Helps You Reach Your Project Goals

No matter what your capillary tubing needs, you will find our manufacturing process is second to none and our customer service is excellent. All of our work is confidential and you can count on us to deliver the high quality tubing you need. We are ready to help you reach your project goals. Call us at (863) 738-0084 to discuss how to proceed with creating the alloy capillary tube you need or you can submit your specifications though our contact us page and we will review them and advise you.