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Uses for Custom Printed Heat Shrink Tubing

Recent innovations in the plastics industry have brought forth a versatile little wonder known as custom printed shrink tubing to the general public. You will see it in use in a number of fields, including the medical, construction, automotive and electronic industries, in particular. Have you ever wondered how this little marvel could help your business? We will show you how.
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How it is Made
Custom printed shrink tubing is made up primarily of substances known as fluropolymers, chemical compounds that can be customized to a particular customer's needs. It is very durable, can be made with varying degrees of stiffness, all according to your exact needs. The walls of the product are generally thinner than most tubing, allowing it to wrap itself tightly around what it is supposed to be protecting and insulating, no matter what its target's surface area may be.
Heat shrink sleeves are generally most used as insulators, whether it be for electrical connectors, wiring, ductwork or piping. It is very capable of handling extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and with custom printing available, it can easily be used in construction or other projects where you need to identify connections, pipes or other installations efficiently and quickly.

Its Many Uses
One of the industries that has benefited the most from the use of heat shrink sleeving is the electronics industry. Because it can be created in very small diameters, and shrunk to even smaller, it has found a specialized niche in use as an insulator for wiring in cell phones, computers, and GPS systems. Anything that will be exposed to various weather conditions, no matter if it is a permanent installation or a portable unit, can be protected with this mutable product. Add in customized printing, and voltages, amperage, wattage can easily be incorporated, as well as any other identifying logos.
In the construction industry, it has come in handy for insulating pipes, conduits and ductwork. Because it seals completely over rough and textured surfaces, it can be used to waterproof connections to circuit breakers, or even prevent piping from leaking. It can also be used to connect and join disparate ductworks to form a dust-free system that is completely sealed against outside contaminants, just as the medical and automotive industries use it to seal off the inner workings of delicate electronic devices. And, as before, the custom printed shrink tubing is available with whatever information you need incorporated onto it, and no distortion will occur in the printing, no matter how small it becomes during use.

Since the advent of fluropolymers, custom printed shrink tubing has become an innovative addition to most installations that require insulation or proofing against the elements. Any logo or identifying marks can be added without distortion.

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