Custom Tube

Custom tubes are being extensively used in modern times in the medical industry as well as in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and electronic industries. Custom tubes are generally referred to plastic tubing, steel tubing or even stainless steel tubes that have undergone precision cutting, bending or even beveling in order for these tubes to meet your specific requirements.

Stainless steel tubing is very popular due to the fact that stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation even when subjected to high temperatures. Extremely small diameter stainless steel tubes can be used in plumbing circuits for gas and liquid applications. Precision cutting of custom tubes of stainless steel which are as small as 0.125” long is possible with minimal tolerance.
Tube bending is often required in custom tubes. Tubing which has a diameter as low as 0.125” to 3” can be bent for most metals using modern equipments and technology.

Tube bending is possible through different methods. These include:

Mandrel Bending:
A mandrel is required for bending a custom tube in cases where the collapse at the bent area of a tube needs to be minimal. Applications using extremely thin wall tubing or tubes with a very tight radius might require mandrel bending. This is a slightly expensive process but highly efficient and is used in custom tubes made for exhaust pipes and aircraft components.

Bending without a Mandrel:
For applications where a minor collapse of the tubing in the bent area is permissible, tube bending without a mandrel is used. Fluid and gas tubes such as oil lines, oxygen lines and hydraulic lines use such bending which is accomplished using specialized equipment. Precision cutting is another mandatory requirement for custom tubes that can be effectively used in medical and electronics industry. Cutting extremely small lengths of wire with minimal tolerance is a great challenge.

Precision cutting equipments:
Cutting edge technologies are used for precision cutting of custom tubes. CNC cold saws, Haven cut off machines, lathe cutting, impact cutoff and supported shear cutting are some of the modern tools that allow for precise cutting of steel, plastic and other custom tubing.

Once the cutting is done, the end finishing of custom tubes is also very important this is generally achieved using services such as brush deburring and end chamfering.

Tube & Wire Cutting provides you with custom tubes that can meet your requirements. We use propriety equipment that we created for the purpose of cutting extremely small tubes to an accuracy of a 0.005" without distorting the end of the tube. Our cutting devices allow us to manufacture custom tubes with cost effective rates for materials like stainless steel, brass, alumninum and NiTinol.