Music Wire

Component Supply Company offers a complete line of small diameter spring temper Music Wire. As indicated by its name, Music Wire was originally developed to produce strings for musical instruments. It is now used in the production of spiral springs and is highly formable into a close helix without cracking. Music Wire is the highest grade or Spring Wire, and is low in phosphorus and sulfur, and free from slag. Typically produced from 1085 Steel it is hard-drawn in 8 to 10 passes, it possesses a tensile strength in excess of 220,000 lb/in². When working with this material use a cut-off wheel or carbide jaw cutter. This material should be stored with a protective coating of oil or other rust inhibitor.

Music Wire Type AISI 1085, Drawn, Spring Temper, Straightened, ASTM A228 (tensile & chemistry only)

18” & 36” standard lengths

Secondary Operations Available:
Custom cutting, bending and de-burring is available to your specifications. Shipped in protective oil unless otherwise specified. Please call or email us if you have any questions. lengths