Nylon Mesh Screening

When You Need A Fine Touch Use Nylon Mesh Screening

With its beginnings in steel wire mesh and later stainless mesh, wire mesh screening has been used in industry for decades. Not quite the same as the screening used in the housing industry for windows and porches, mesh material has been utilized for everything from screen printing to sorting parts and chemical compounds by vibrating sifters. Now, advances in technology have given us nylon mesh screening, opening a whole new world of applications that rely on durability, as well as a softer touch.

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Long Lasting and Easy To Use
Not to be confused with nylon wire screening that is sold in home improvement stores for use in windows and for enclosing porches, nylon mesh screening is not as hard or as stiff as regular wire mesh screening can sometimes be. Durable, yet flexible, it is a long lasting material that can easily be adapted to most industrial and commercial applications.

One factor that makes it a highly desired option for use in industrial applications is that it will not bind or kink as easily as other mesh materials. Even when used in high speed vibrating sifters and sorting machines, it stands up to considerable punishment, and will not corrode or wear down as quickly as other steel and mesh combinations. It is also very easy to clean, and while some compounds will bind to it quite easily when needed, they are all quickly removed through pressure washing, steaming and even sterilization.

Two Application Examples
Two highly specialized industries make use of this type of screening material on a daily basis. The first, the pharmaceutical industry, requires material for manufacturing applications that will not corrode or break down easily, and material that has no possibility of contaminating the sensitive components of the drugs that will be processed upon it. It also requires that the mesh material used in its processing machines, from vibrating sifters to blow fill molding machines, be able to be sterilized easily and quickly, at times on an hourly basis. It is this last requirement that made using other materials, like nylon wire or steel and mesh, quite problematic, because not everything has the same durability under constant cleaning.

Another industrial application requiring a finer touch than most is that of the screen printing industry. Multiple screens are used as permanent templates for designs used regularly, and they are created using special emulsifiers that are applied directly to assembled screens of various sizes. With materials other than nylon mesh screening, the hardened applications of emulsifier compounds proved to be difficult to remove without damaging the screening material. The introduction of nylon made it a lot easier, for everyone.

The introduction of nylon mesh screening has breathed new life into industrial applications that require a finer touch than most. Its flexibility, durability and non-abrasive surface make it a popular choice today. This material comes in roles by the linear yard or in small quantities, or can be cut to your specifications. Contact us for information or quotes.