Stainless Steel Wire

Component Supply Company carries Stainless Steel 304V (Vacuum Arc Re-melted) Wire in small diameters, from 0.005” to .104”. Stainless Steel Type 304V Wire is refined by melting or re-melting the material in a vacuum, which segregates the melt from ambient gases resulting in a cleaner wire with greater freedom from nonmetallic inclusions such as nitrogen and oxygen. The resulting wire is very clean and has an extra bright finish. As part of the 3XX series of stainless steels, our 304V Wire has a 17 to 19% chromium content and an 8 to 10% nickel content. Silicon is also added to the alloy to resist scaling.
Some of these wire sizes fit inside our hypodermic tubing and can be purchased for guide wires. When requesting small precision wires, always specify the wire diameter in decimals. Referencing gauge sizes often creates confusion as the AWG -American Wire Gage differs from the Birmingham Gage/ Stub’s Iron Wire Gage used for hypodermic tubing.

Stainless Steel Wire Type 304V, Spring Temper, Drawn, Straightened and cut, Bright Finish, ASTM A313.

36” and 72” standard lengths.

Secondary Operations Available:
Custom cutting, bending, beveling de-burring and cleaning to your specifications. Precision cut parts as small as 0.125” long to tolerances of +/-0.002”. Please call or email us if you have any questions.