Small Diameter Tube Cutting

The uses of small diameter tubes are numerous. Earlier they were used mainly in the petrochemical industries but with the recent development in the production of small diameter tubing which involves precision tube cutting, bending and beveling these extremely small tubing are used in several other applications like the medical industry, in furnace supports, as small rollers for automatic shot blasters and in several tube guides.

Small diameter tubing can be made from several metals. Stainless steel tubing is extremely common in medical and chemical industries where corrosion resistant tubing is a must. We cut, bend, swag, and flare small tubes of various types of metals for the aerospace industry, medical industry, and for research scientist at just about any industry you can think of.

Methods Of Cutting Small Diameter Tubes:
The most important and at times, the most painstaking process is the cutting of small diameter tubing. Precise metal cutting is dicey at the best of times but doing so in tubing with extremely small diameters becomes all the more challenging. However, with our major advances in tubing it is now possible to cut tubes with a very high degree of precision. These cuts are extremely clean with no burred edges. We can cut to a tolerance of 0.005".

Laser Tube Cutting:
Laser tube cutting is also possible and can cut round, square, oval, flat and virtually any other shape of tube as per requirements. This method of tube cutting is extremely superior and produces a clear lumen in the smallest of tubes. The high degree of flexibility offered by laser tube cutting makes it possible to cut any required profile at the tube edges or even along the tube length. The tooling costs are drastically reduced in this form of cutting as a single laser cutting machine is capable of performing the several consecutive processes that generally require a number of machine tools. The drawback to laser is that it is expensive, and fails to make clean cuts on small diameter tubes. That is why often time researchers send us small tubes that have been cut by laser, and we clean up the cut with our instruments.

Tube and Wire Cutting can provide you with clean cut small diameter tubes which are customized to meet all your requirements.