Small Diameter Tube Bending to Your Exact Specifications

Small Diameter Tube Bending
Small diameter tube bending has many applications throughout the industrial world. Some of the most common are in the automotive, medical, aerospace, and engineering fields. From simple 90-degree angles to extensive bends and coils within short distances, Precision Tube and Wire can quickly provide you with the proper bends created to your exact specifications.


The automotive industry uses many different types of small tubes to create the fuel, brake, transmission, and cooling lines. These seamless tube bends must be specifically created to fit inside the engine compartment without getting in the way of other components. Medical applications include catheters, hypodermic needles, and many surgical supplies. The aerospace and military applications are often used for fluid transport in aircraft and aerospace engine components. Virtually every industry today has some sort of use for small diameter tube bending, even if the professionals in that industry are unaware of it!

What Types of Materials Are the Tubes Usually Made From?

There are many different types of materials that may be used to create the tubes that require bending. Some of the most common are steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and glass. The process is quite unique, as each material will require a different setup and execution of the bending process. A stainless steel tube is easier to bend than a glass tube, for example. An aluminum tube is easier to bend than that same stainless tube. However, there is a risk of crimping or the tube collapsing if the process is not completed correctly. At Tube and Wire Cutting, our experienced staff provides the results you need. We also offer a full range of flexible and capillary tubing, as well.

Why Component Supply's Tube and Wire Cutting Is the Right Choice?

At Tube and Wire Cutting, you will find our small diameter tube bending services are second to none. We can create almost any type of tube bending you may need to your exact specifications. We always keep our clients and their projects confidential and you'll find our prices are quite competitive. Many of today's largest engineering companies return to us time and time again for all their tubing and wire needs.

If you are not certain which type of tubing you might need, give us a call. We'd be happy to listen to what you're looking for and offer suggestions based upon our extensive knowledge of all things tube and wire. We understand the need for smooth, clean bends, without the tube crimping or collapsing. Let us show you why we want to become your provider for small diameter tube bending services.

Send us your specification for your Small Diameter Tube Bending requirements and we will work up a proposal. Contact us at (863) 738-0084 or send an email so we can answer any questons you have..